Damn Good Liars is the result of guitarist and co-producer Steve Jenner’s enduring ambition, his long-standing friendship with producer and multi-instrumentalist Ian Turner, who combined their respective craft of synth mastery and guitar ingenuity to create a flawless foundation for the sullen and silky vocals of lyricist and vocalist Lisa Harrison, and her performing alias Ellis Turner, who teamed up with the duo after an industry nod to find some vocals and move the project into band status. Their first single, Station Wagon Motel Chic, was released in May and the proceeding EP in June 2021; the music and lyrics for which were recorded strategically amidst the height of Covid-19 restrictions, with Ian and Steve recording at Pearces Farms Studios in Berkshire and Lisa at her home in Somerset.

Guitar music with plenty of edge and fervent vocals” - Alex West, BBC Radio Presenter